Translingualism & Student Writing

Posted on: Friday, May 4, 2012 - 2:59pm

 A Translingual Approach to Error in Student Writing

Please join us for an engaging presentation-working session

Monday, 7 May 2012, 4 - 6 PM

Wilson Library  4 Central Reading Room

“We call for a new paradigm: A translingual approach. This approach sees difference in language not as a barrier to be overcome or a problem to manage, but as a resource for producing meaning in writing, speaking, reading, and listening. (Horner, Lu, Royster, and Trimbur, 2011)


 Bruce Horner
Endowed Chair of Rhetoric and Composition,
University of Louisville

 Min Zhan Lu
Professor of English and University Scholar,University of Louisville

 From 4-5 PM - a presentation-workshop about ways to respond to perceived errors in students’ writing

From 5-6 PM - a more focused discussion of the concepts and theories of translingualism, the teaching of writing, and the politics of style. 

 Preparatory readings:

 “Resisting Monolingualism in ‘English’: Reading and Writing the Politics of Language”

“Language Difference in Writing: Toward a Translingual Approach”

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Sponsored by the Department of English & the Writing Instruction Support Program, WWU

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