Revolutionary Georgia, Atlanta & Paula Deen

Posted on: Thursday, May 17, 2012 - 4:52pm

WWU Connections
Brown Bag Series presents

 "Who do you think you are:
how my book on revolutionary Georgia led me to Atlanta
and Paula Deen”



Presented by Leslie Hall, Cataloger @ Wilson Library

Wed. May 30, noon - 1pm at Village Books

  Leslie Hall, long time staff member at Wilson  
  Library, has to admit that she really doesn't know
  who she thinks she is.  She never thought she
  would complete her MA in history at WWU, as she
  took one class at a time for many long years.  But
  she did, and eventually published a scholarly work
  and contributed to various encyclopedias. And she
  certainly never, ever considered the idea that she
  would one day be asked to be a contributor to an
  episode of the well known NBC TV show "Who do
  you think you are?" But this also happened.

The episode featuring Paula Deen will air on May 18th. Due to time constraints though, the segments featuring Paula Deen's Revolutionary War era ancestor, whom she and Leslie discussed, were cut.  However, the deleted scenes will be available on the show's web site, soon after broadcast.

Village Books and the WWU Libraries are pleased to present one last speaker for the spring Western Connections brown bag speaker series highlighting the expertise of WWU faculty and staff. Bring your lunch and join us for this engaging presentation and discussion. Western Connections is co-sponsored by Western Washington University Libraries.

  Leslie Hall was born and raised in Seattle, growing up in the 
  community of Richmond Beach.  Since childhood she has held 
  strong interests in music, art and history and has pursued them all. 
  Bellingham has been her home for 30 years and she has worked at
  Western Washington University's Wilson Library for much of that 


Leslie's book, Land and Allegiance in Revolutionary Georgia,
was published by the University of Georgia Press in 2001.

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