"Drip, Flick, Splatter" Pollock style

Posted on: Monday, June 4, 2012 - 11:59am

“Drip, Flick, Splatter”...

young students bring the art
of Jackson Pollock to life.


The WWU Child Development Center takes art to a new level.  Elaine Elkin's class of two & three year olds has recently studied the works of Jackson Pollock.  Inspired by a book titled, “Action Jackson,” the young students created their piece.  By dripping, splattering, and flicking paint the children learned how abstract art can be beautiful and fun.

The project started with Western’s Art History Professor Carol Janson.  In her Arts in the Community class students Tarin Nicholas, Lauren Sommers and Kayla Thompson decided they wanted to work with children for their community art project.  Gina Elkin, a teacher at Western’s Child Development Center, gladly used the extra help to create this Jackson Pollock inspired piece. 

Tarin, Lauren and Kayla provided some supplies and supervised the project, but the children were the artists.  Together the class collaborated and one by one added layers of color.  The whole project took three days to complete.  The children used paint brushes, drip sticks and six different colors to create their work.  The ending result was beautiful.  The children developed artistic techniques and Tarin, Lauren and Kayla had a great experience.