Library Faculty & Staff Arts, Crafts & Hobbies Show

Posted on: Sunday, August 5, 2012 - 12:48pm

2012 WWU Library  Faculty & Staff  1st Annual Arts, Crafts & Hobbies Show 

August 15th– September 14th.

Proving we really do other things besides READ! 

Wilson Library has mounted its first internal exhibit of arts, crafts, collections and hobbies.  The show will be up from August 15 through September 14, and is located in 3 display cases and 2 art galleries in the library.

Display Case 7 is next to the HH circ desk, Case 6 on the SE corner of the Sky Bridge, Gallery 1 to the right of the stairs leading down from the Sky Bridge, Case 3 across from the Wilson circ desk, and Gallery 2, on the mezzanine.

The exhibitors: Connie, Randi, Lesley, Allen, Pattie, Michelle B., Leslie, Michael, Joanna, Denise, Dubravka and Paul.

View the sampling below, then visit the galleries & displays in the library
to see additional creative wares & collections.

Gallery 1: Quilts

In this “friendship quilt,” the squares used on the front were made by friends and fellow quilters in Mendoza, Argentina, where I lived for 7 years. (The Argentine flag is on the back.) Randi Sanders

Gallery 2: Gouache, collage and thread

  Paul Piper, Leslie Hall and Connie Mallison have works displayed in these mediums.

This art work shows my father, as “Rapper Jack”, performing in a night club. I wrote the words to the sea chanty (The Ballad of JHP) which he is rapping, and the figures in the “Whales Tale” club are characters from the chanty text. Curiously enough, they look a lot like him! This work celebrates the power of words and   the power of rhythm and the power of healing.   It is made with paper, gouache, black pen and a great deal of glue.  Leslie Hall 



The Marlboro Man collage is one of a series of Marlboro Man collages I did while living in Montana. Rumors that the Marlboro man in the ad was gay and the fact that cigarettes gave one cancer made the faux tough-guy, outdoorsy cowboy ads all
the more ridiculous. Paul Piper





  Needlepoint, Connie Mallison







Case 3: A stitch, a rhyme, what we do in our spare time

A variety of works and collections are presented in the exhibit A stitch, a rhyme, what we do in our spare time. It contains needle work and knitting by Lesley Lowery, felt and pine needle baskets made by Pattie Moon, and poetry books written by Paul Piper and Allen Frost.  Michael Lorenzen displays a collection Dungeon and Dragon rule books and Michelle Becker pays homage to her horse and their success at dressage.

Felted & Pine needle Baskets, Patti Moon
















Case 6 :  Kitchen Crafts

The Kitchen Crafts exhibit shows off
homemade liqueurs made by Randi Sanders,
preserved foods and cordials from Joanna Bailey’s
‘Seven Trees Farm’,
jellies and jams by Michelle Becker, and
Denise Ward’s cake business ‘Seamless Cakes.’









Case 7: Tibet-the roof of the world



Dubravka Ilic shares her experiences traveling to  
Lhasa in the exhibit Tibet-the roof of the world. 
A prayer wheel, Khata
(traditional scarf), prayer flags, incense from Potala, books, and DVD's introduce us to the culture, religion, and magnificent beauty of Tibet.

  Display By: Dubravka Ilic & Leslie Hall