"The Way I Saw It": Art Exhibit

Posted on: Monday, October 29, 2012 - 1:23pm

The Way I Saw It
Art Exhibit Gallery 2

Debbi Kenote is a senior, majoring in art. 
Her Gallery 2 exhibit is of stone lithographic prints.

Artists' Statement

For the last few years I have been creating art centered on the notion of the viewer versus the work of art, and the relationship that is formed when they meet. I like to believe that every piece of art embodies the fingerprint of its creator, a shadow of their emotion, their perspective of it during the time of its creation. As every fingerprint is different, the viewer is allowed his or her own unique interpretation. Formal qualities can be analyzed, color, tone, shade, composition, subject matter, but it becomes difficult to explain a feeling towards a work when its roots are from something other than its formal qualities. I believe this void is filled with what the viewer brings to the piece.

My work in The Way I Saw It series introduces myself in figurative representation. The mirror then becomes a window, a transparent wall between the outside world and myself. By showing the viewer what it is I see, I bring the fingerprint to the forefront, allowing it to boldly reach out and speak for itself.

This series in particular draws attention to the idea of memory, the ability to hold in mind. Moving from left to right, the series of prints tell a story of reflection, hinting at the idea that as humans, we are defined by our memory and our ability to reflect. By collectively organizing and analyzing our experiences, we utilize our cognition to recognize our individual make up and story. Yet, when we attempt to recall a particular memory, we find it to have slowly frayed and transformed from its original content. Furthermore, the works in this series attempt to explore where this blurred piece would fit back into the puzzle, and its affect on the makeup of our individuality.


Debbi Kenote