Wonderful Stupid Man: Readings by Allen Frost

Posted on: Monday, February 4, 2013 - 10:19am



Join Allen Frost as he reads
from his new book
of short stories...
Sunday Februar
y 10th  7 PM
Wilson Library 477  

Allen Frost lives in Bellingham and works at Westerns’ library.  Author of six books of poetry and fiction, Allen is working on a new book of poetry.
“These stories were written over the space of 24 years from Maine to New York, Ohio and on the west coast again … Allen hopes you will see these 39 stories as connected chapters. .. or as episodes in some strange late-night television show.  “I spent a fair number of evenings watching Outer Limits and Twilight Zone and those sci-fi movies hosted by vampires. You sit there in that blue glow and suddenly you’re on a planet of blackberries…”

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