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Posted on: Monday, March 18, 2013 - 2:14pm

Artist Statement
Kevin Nielsen

 "This is a collection of medium sized surreal/abstract paintings, mostly on plank, with some mixed media. Very few of these items are framed but, honestly, I prefer most of them without the encumbrance of traditional enclosure.

Kevin, an artist from the Bellingham community, paints by whim and by muse, swirling colors and sketching shapes. Sometimes he prints an image that strikes him and paints what he sees. Often the canvas draws him into its own composition.



  Kevin starting painting in 1997, after a fire
  destroyed all his material possessions, with an
  empty canvas and a few tubes of paint. Hundreds
  of paintings later, he still paints for pleasure, ever 
  evolving his talent and styles. From the
  “psychological pieces” (as his partner calls them)
  to landscapes, from oil on canvas to glue and
  coins on boards, the body of Kevin’s work ranges
  across medium and style (not to mention across
  the WWU campus to offices where friends have
  happily hung his work).


See http://voidblossom.com/photos/thumbnails-2.html for more of his work.