Japanese Artist Yuken Teruya (Briefly) Featured in Wilson Gallery One

Posted on: Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 10:34am

Late last week you may have walked past some interesting art pieces that were on display in the library in Wilson Gallery One. The two pieces, were by New York-based artist Yuken Teruya, who was visiting Western last week to give a lecture called “Art Watering the Seeds of Social Change.”

Teruya, who was born in Japan, is known for using everyday materials, like toilet paper rolls, paper bags, and shopping bags as his medium. Yuken Teruya art: "Notice-Forest: what Victory Tastes Like, London 2012"

The featured pieces were "Notice-Forest: What Victory Tastes Like, London, 2012," (right) done from a paper bag, and "Heroes – Hirohito,” on canvas (below). 

Yuken Teruya art "Heros-Hirohito"

Teruya’s pieces were only on display in Wilson Gallery One for a few days, but there are a lot of works that make their way through Western Libraries Art Galleries. Stop by one for a quick study break!