Pet Partners coming back to Wilson Library!

Posted on: Friday, May 31, 2013 - 1:17pm

Smokey the Cat/WWU Pet Partners         Callie/WWU Pet Partners     Henry/WWU Pet Partners

Western Libraries and the group Whatcom Therapy Dogs are teaming up once again for the quarterly Pet Partners program. Between June 3 and June 13 (Dead Week and Finals Week) dogs, cats and their owners will take over part of Wilson Library to provide a much needed study break for Western students.

Two of the dogs, Jigi and Zuzu, were recently elected to the Mixed Breed Dog Club of America Hall Of Fame. This is a prestigious award given only to dogs that have either saved the life of a person or animal, or who have performed exemplary public service. Jigi and Zuzu have each put in more than 200 hours in therapy work last year alone, including their time spent at the Western Libraries. 

“Pet Partners is a great stress reliever for students at a very stressful time for them,” said Rick Osen, Interim Dean of Libraries. “It’s been extremely popular with the students since the first quarter we had it and it was evident we should continue to do it.”

The Pet Partners and their owners will be in the Library in intervals between 10 am and at least 4 pm every day between June 3 and June 13.