Paul & Mary Ann Ford Fly Fishing Exhibit

Posted on: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 10:00am

Special Collections is delighted to announce the 2009 exhibit showcasing new gifts by Paul and Mary Ann Ford to the Paul and Mary Ann Ford Fly Fishing Collection.

This year's exhibit is titled, American Fly Fishing Literature: Of Flats & Fishers, and its focus is salt-water sport fishing for tarpon, bonefish, and permit, in tropical shallows or "flats."

The books on view highlight the ceaseless search for "the big three" on beaches from Florida to Mexico, Central America, the Central Pacific, and the Indian Ocean, and include accounts and technical know-how by such masters as A. W. Dimock, E. G. Spencer-Churchill, Jeffrey Cardenas, John Cole, Joe Brooks, Stanley Babson, Lefty Kreh, and Jack Samson.

The exhibit also featu9res works concerning North America's own flats-dweller, the striped bass by experts such as Jack Gartside, Nick Karas, George Reiger, and Russell Chatham.

A colorful map of Christmas Island, mecca of South Pacific bonefish fishing, sets of flies, fishing rods, and examples of taper complement the fine selection of published works.

The exhibit will be on view in Wilson Library until September. Click on this link to find a guide to the display, containing extensive annotations by Paul Ford.

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