Enjoy the Library's Exhibits!

Posted on: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 10:00am

Step outside of your hectic day. Take a breather and wander through the Library to rest your eyes on the marvelous displays. Starting at Wilson’s north entrance, enter the imaginations of Cara Jaye’s art students through their Altered Books projects. Then glance back over your shoulder into recent history to relive the fall of the Berlin Wall – a mere 20 years ago.

History continues in the display case across from the Media Desk where a fascinating exhibit hallmarks early Whatcom County advertisements – from salt & pepper shakers to rulers to beer mugs. Tucked into the hallway on the right is the Mathes Reading Figurine case. It is decked out in fine examples of botanical drawings accompanying figurines to celebrate Spring. Now head toward the Skybridge and pause at the table case for an introduction to OSTI.gov and Science.gov – two websites that make government-sponsored research available to the public. But don’t turn your back for long on the ominous Film Noir exhibit in the large display case. All of the featured crime dramas are part of the Library’s circulating collection located in Wilson 267. At the top of the stairs on your left is the second half of the Altered Books exhibit.

To finish off your break, stroll across the sunny Skybridge into Haggard to the two cases draped with beautiful Japanese Ikat woven hangings.

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