New Research Mentoring Class for Fall 2010!

Posted on: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 10:00am

The Libraries is excited to announce that it has developed a Research Mentoring class (LIBR 397) that is now on the schedule for Fall 2010. This class will give upper-division students the opportunity to help newer students learn how to do research and connect them to resources that will help them academically succeed. Woodring students, in particular, will get relevant hands-on experience in this class.

There is a longstanding need to increase mentoring connections between students of different academic levels on campus. Students in lower-division courses will benefit from interactions with upper division students who can encourage and assist in the navigation of academic support services on campus. This course will help create a network of people that better connects students to research resources.

Course Goals:
• To train student mentors so that they can play an integral part in the learning process for the students they mentor.
• To create meaningful and relevant networks that help students connect to resources and engage in scholarly research and writing.
• To create understanding, through hands-on experience, about the role of service-learning and peer mentoring within an academic community.

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