All Shiny and New

Posted on: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 10:00am

The main stairwell in Wilson is getting a makeover and the transformation will soon be completed!  A fresh coat of paint, some new light fixtures and the removal of some old ugly tiles is really livening up the place wonderfully.


In addition to the updated stairwells, new light fixtures have been put in place on the landings on the upper floors of the Wilson side and the ceilings have also been repainted.  More light fixtures will be replaced on the 2nd floor of Wilson in the very near future. 

These much needed updates will really help to brighten up the formerly dark passageways on the Wilson side of the Library and help provide a safer environment for all of our patrons! 

This project was funded out of the Capital Budget for the University.  With all of the work done by Western's own crew of painters and electrians; this job is a completely "in-house" project.  Thanks to the wonderful crew of hardworking campus folks who are doing a great job on this project!