Bestseller Collection Has Arrived!

Posted on: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 10:00am

The McNaughton bestseller collection has arrived and is now shelved in the Daylight Lounge! The McNaugton Collection features bestsellers, popular fiction, current interest books and more. Students have been requesting this type of recreational reading collection for a long time, particularly in the 14 Days to Have Your Say blog.  Well, you asked and we listened; now you can visit the Daylight Lounge, kick back in your spare time and enjoy new books all year long!

The plan we're currently funding for 2009-2010 will give us:

--100 books in our core collection

--an additional 10 books per month (with 5 in December and July) for a total of 210 new popular books in a year!


Funding for this collection comes from the money earned at the Library's book sales.