Skybridge Gallery features first student exhibit

Posted on: Thursday, January 27, 2011 - 1:43pm

Mandala of Oneness - Community Contributed Art
Celebrating Students @ WWU

The new Library Skybridge Gallery presents its first exhibit, Mandala of Oneness - Community Contributed Art. 

Created by Danny Soloff, a Fairhaven student interested in the systems theory of ecology, Mandala of Oneness  is a collaborative art project inspired for the Western Oneness! Event.  This exhibit is a gathering to celebrate community and unity. It’s message is to “genuinely express our identities and to accept and appreciate the diversity in our community.”  This project welcomes the participation of passersby, who can write their comments on the displayed material Danny has constructed.
If you feel inspired, please contribute!  Colored pens are available for contributors to use.

Danny Soloff, Fairhaven student

Out of many, we are One…

This art piece will continue touring around Westerns’  campus to offer members of the community the opportunity to contribute. The library is the third stop on the journey, first the Western Oneness Event, second the Fairhaven College Commons.  It will be in place about 2 weeks, in the  Skybridge Gallery, before continuing to the VU.