Congrats Library Graduating Seniors & Scholarship Winners

Posted on: Friday, May 27, 2011 - 10:37am

Herb & Beth Hearsey Scholarship Endowment Award Winners
for Library Student Workers
2011- 2012

Hearsey Scholarship Criteria:  Recipients must be full-time students; expected to demonstrate merit through completion of the scholarship application and letters of reference; must have been previously employed by the Libraries in a non-professional student capacity for a minimum of eight hours per week for at least one quarter (or summer); Students must be employed by the Libraries a minimum of eight hours per week while they are scholarship recipients.

Circulation Services:
Kevin Ernest
Hannah Dettling
Abibatau (Abie) Saidy

Media Desk:
Kelsey Gauche
Rushelle Selga
Christina Turpin

Stacks Management:
Josh Freese

TLA / Writing Centr
Dmitri Simuel
Don (Dung) Pham

Writing Center:
Tess Griswold
Michelle Wallace


 The Mabel Zoe Wilson Award Criteria: Recipients must have contributed to the goals of the Libraries and distinguished themselves from their peers by demonstrating unusual imagination, interest and capability in providing outstanding service.

The 2011- 2012 Mable Zoe Wilson Award was awarded to Andy Holm - - Stacks Management

to our graduating senior student library workers as well!

Circulation Services:
Erin Lawhead:  English major, currently managing a Starbucks, then to Taiwan to teach English
Molly Morrow:  English major, taking one year off and then hopefully Iowa Writers Workshop

Media Desk:
Lucia Vendetti: Liberal Studies major. Library school is in her future
Carly Gauche:  Communication Sciences and Disorders major  & 2010 Hearsey Scholarship winner. Grad school is in her future.

Reference Services:
Abrian Curington:      Art major & 2010 Hearsey Scholarship Winner
Christopher  Wieting:  History & German majors,  will be going to Seattle U Law School.

Special Collections:
Alexandra Wenrick:  Early Childhood Special Education, Woodring.

Stacks Management:
Alison Luhrs : Theatre major, English minor
Andy Holm: Anthropology , Social Studies major, history minor. 
                      2010 Herb & Beth Hearsey Scholarship winner,  2011 Mabel Zoe Wilson Award

Teaching Learning Academy/TLA:

University Archives & Records Center:
Annie Jansen:  Political Science & English Literature majors; Annie has been accepted into graduate school at Woodring and will begin in Fall Quarter 2011.

Michelle Chatterton:  Environmental Studies (Huxley) ; Michelle will be doing a field project this summer and is interested in environmental policy and graduate school.

Writing Center:
Amos Stailey-Young :  English major
Brendan Clark:  English major
Ian Terada:  English major
Rebecca Baker:  English major; named 2011 English Department Outstanding Graduating Sr.
Stephen Novotny: English major , plans to go to graduate school for an MFA