Mongolia Sister City Photo Exhibit

Posted on: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 9:30am

Mongolia photo exhibit documenting the lives and surroundings of nomadic culture that lives in the area around Tetserleg are currently on display in Galleries 2 and 3 in the library thru Sunday, November 27th.

Lauren McClanahan, associate prof. of secondary ed. at Woodring College, took these 26 photos while visiting Mongolia this summer. She traveled with the delegation establishing formal relations between Bellingham and new sister city Tetserleg, Mongolia.


Photos are from Arkhangai Aimag (Province). Bellingham’s sister city, Tsetserleg, is the provincial capital.

McClanahan sent ahead of her visit a few disposable cameras and questions she wanted the kids to answer. Questions like “What’s worth preserving in your town and in your culture? What would be the worst thing that would happen if this village disappears?”

The result was astounding, McClanahan says.
(Watch video for more...)

“They really got into this, and they thought we should be showing it to anyone who would listen,” she says. “They have  so much to say, but they really don’t have an outlet for their   voices to be heard.” 



Also involved with the trip is local community member Bolor Smith. Lauren supports
the “Blue Sky Educational Project” with sales of her photos.  This project provides scholarships to nomadic children so they can attend public school.