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3 Things highlights new resources and services, offers useful tips, and provides in-depth details about many great services available to you at Western Libraries!

Something New!

For the last couple of years the Western Libraries staff have been working to turn the Daylight Lounge into a great spot for casual reading and snapping up a DVD for the weekend. The selection of books in the DL has become so popular that they are rarely on the shelves making browsing pretty tough.

Over the summer we’ve added cover cards for all of the DL book titles so that you can browse the titles even if they are checked out! Even sweeter we’ve added QR codes for each title making it a "snap" to place a hold using your smart phone. Check it out!

This Issue's Great Tip

If you’ve just searched for an item in the WWU catalog and found that we don’t have a copy available click the "Repeat Search in Summit" button at the top of the catalog page. Your search will be sent to the Summit catalog which contains the combined library holdings of 36 academic libraries in Washington & Oregon. Most likely one of them will have an available copy that you can request immediately!

Our Summit partners are committed to fast turnaround so you can expect the item to arrive in just a few working days. AND you can keep Summit books for up to 6 weeks

Did You Know?

Your library saved you nearly $18 million dollars last year? That’s right. WWU students and faculty downloaded 616,884 journals from full-text databases and e-journal subscriptions. More than 40 articles for every student and instructor on campus! To make all those articles available to you the library spent about $1,600,000 on electronic and print subscriptions so that you didn’t have to. But what if you did have to pull out your credit card every time you wanted access to those journal articles? The average cost to purchase one-time access through a publisher or document vendor is $20.01 per article. Ouch!

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