Wild Steelhead : The Lure and Lore of a Pacific Northwest Icon

Wild Steelhead : The Lure and Lore of a Pacific Northwest Icon

January, 2014
Gallagher, Sean M.
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Mill Creek : Wild River Press, 2013
Fly Fishing Collection
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SH687.7 .G35 2013 (two volumes)

This two volume collection of Steelhead lore is a repast for anyone interested in that most mysterious and difficult to catch of all fish, the Steelhead. Concentrating on the Pacific Northwest, this wonderful collection interweaves biology, natural history, interviews, memoir, stories, photographs, techniques, and place in a rich and often startling visual presentation. Although authored by Gallagher, a long-time Steelhead fisherman, the book is actually a collaboration with several photographers - Adam Tavender, Greg McDonald, and John McMillan (who in a Special Forward provides a detailed, technical biological overview, as well as amazing underwater photographs of Steelhead), as well as a collection of interviews with some of the most renown Steelheaders out there. Men like Harry Lemire and George McLeod among many others. The book draws attention to the plight of Northwest Steelhead, to issues such as wild vs. hatchery stock, and to the wild areas where Steelhead still thrive.

It is not much of an exaggeration, if any, to state that these two volumes represent the greatest collection of Steelhead photographs, techniques and lore ever compiled in one place. Come by Special Collections to read a bit, and take a look. 

For more stories from Henry Lemire and George McLeod check out their interviews in our Fly Fishing Oral Histories

Purchase of this book for the Fly Fishing Collection was made possible by donors to the Jack C. Hutchinson Memorial Fund. 

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