Bailey Carrel: Art and Fashion

Conceptually the idea for this work came to me in the form of a question. Is this art or fashion? I thought to myself, does it have to fit squarely into one or the other? Over the past few months my goal was to explore the relationship between art and fashion. To define and divide or unite and dissolve these commonly distinguishable boundaries. Fashion is and expression of our times with a constant desire to reveal and reinvent in continuum. Art is an expression of applied creative skill and imagination typically in visual form that is intended for pleasure rather than utility. These definitions served as my creative boundaries. Through use of props, costume and location I started with a vague idea and ran with it. Since this was an exploration I wanted to keep an open mind on what the final product would look like. In my experience the interaction of art and fashion lies within the tension created by the functionality and aesthetics of both dimensions.  

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Bailey Carrel