American Fly Fishing Literature: 2015 Exhibit -- Part Two

American Fly Fishing Literature: 2015 Exhibit -- Part Two

More of this year's Paul and Mary Ann Ford exhibit is featured here including an original watercolor painting, Brown Trout (1996), by noted angling artist, James Prosek. This piece was done by Mr. Prosek while he was still a Yale undergraduate. On display also is Steelhead Flies from Wenatchee River (1997) by Bill Marts. Marts is a a master international salt water fishing guide and fly tyer. He created this artwork from a driftwood piece he found while fishing the Wenatchee River and includes Marts' handcrafted wood flies.  

The bottom shelf features more of John Gierach's work, The View from Rat Lake, Where the Trout are as Long as Your Leg, Even Brook Trout Get the Blues, Another Lousy Day in Paradise, All Fishermen are Liars, Dances with Trout, Fool's Paradise, and Still Life with Brook Trout


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