Western Libraries - Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Issue

Welcome to the last edition of the Libraries' newsletter for this academic year! Read on to learn more about the recent Undergraduate Teaching & Learning Unconference, which explored questions related to student research and considered how we might better support it. We also invite you to help us make our web resources better by joining us for TUEx Tuesdays, which launched this quarter and will continue in fall quarter. And speaking of fall, if you are away this summer, we hope you will like the improvements you see when you return to the area on the fifth floor of Wilson Library which will become the Bayview Quiet Study Lounge.


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By Shevell Thibou

Assistant Director of Teaching & Learning Division

Shevell Thibou

What is student research? How do we foster co-inquiry with student researchers? How can we facilitate student advocacy and build self-efficacy? These were the questions used to guide Western Libraries and the Learning Commons’ Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Unconference held in early April. What is an unconference you might ask? It’s an informally structured event where participants bring and exchange their ideas, thoughts, and experiences related to a selected theme.

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By Rebecca Marrall & Kim Marsicek

Technology & Discovery Services

Rebecca MarrallKim Marsicek

Have you ever had a frustrating time navigating a website? Maybe the site didn’t make sense and you couldn’t find what you needed? Western Libraries is actively trying to avoid those problems by improving our website users’ experiences through usability and design testing. And you can help us! We need input from students, staff, and faculty, and if you can give us 5 to 10 minutes of your time, you can help us improve your (and everyone’s!) library experience.

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By Frank Haulgren

Facilities & Assessment Coordinator

Frank Haulgren

Like most students who use the Western Libraries’ facilities, Jess is here several times a week. Jess grabs some coffee and then spots a few friends in the Learning Commons outside of Zoe’s café. They chat briefly about their weekend plans before those friends head off to the Hacherl Research & Writing Studio to get some guidance for a project they’re working on for a marketing class. While the friends have found that the Studio and other areas on the main floor provide a great environment for collaboration, Jess wants a quieter study space.

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