Western Libraries - Fall 2018

Fall 2018 Issue

In this issue, we officially welcome the Tutoring Center into the library, and share with you some news about two exciting new pilot projects: the Tutoring Center Quiet area pilot, and the Community Policing Office pilot. We also bring you a powerful update about the new Omni-20 charging power packs, now available for check-out at the Student Technology Center and the Circulation Desk.


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By Katrina Buckman

Tutoring Center Director

Katrina Buckman

The Tutoring Center is thrilled to announce that after residing within Wilson Library for seven years, we are now officially part of Western Libraries. This will not result in any immediate changes to our services, but you can anticipate incremental improvements in the months and years to come. One of the first initiatives to debut following the Tutoring Center’s move to its new organizational home in Western Libraries is the piloting of a new – quieter – service location.

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By Clarissa Mansfield

Library Communications Manager

Clarissa Mansfield

Over the past several years, both Western Libraries and the University Police (UP) have recognized the need for increased safety and security at the university, including greater police visibility, faster response times, and additional community engagement on the north side of the Bellingham campus. To that end, this fall Western Libraries and the UP are launching the Community Policing Office pilot program, which will allow us to better meet the needs of students utilizing spaces, programs, and services within Western Libraries.  

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By Frank Haulgren

Facilities & Assessment Coordinator

Frank Haulgren

One of the most frequent frustrations students encounter in the Libraries’ spaces is a lack of power outlets to support laptops and other personal devices.  Unfortunately, in an old building, infrastructure improvements such as adding outlets can be very, very expensive.  Even then, in the end, no matter how hard we try, outlets are never where users want them to be.  The result is power cords extended across walkways to wall or floor outlets, creating a hazardous environment both for those walking by and for your devices!  After a good deal of research and consideration, we’ve found an approach that gives you, the user, power exactly where you need and want it.

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