Outback Homestead Self-Guided Tour

Outback Homestead Self-Guided Tour

December, 2018
University Archives

This lovely 1982-83 map and accompanying walking tour guide for the Fairhaven Outback is from the records of the Associated Students of WWU, housed in the University Archives. The document recalls an important time in the history of the 5-acre tract nestled at the foot of Sehome Hill between Fairhaven College and Buchanan Towers.











In the mid-1970s, Western students had obtained authorization to engage in experimental living "off the grid" in the historic (but very rustic) cabins built by June and Farrar Burn, who homesteaded there in the 1920s. This signaled a strong interest among students to extend their educational experience through the Outback.

Beginning in 1982, the same year that this "Self-Guided Tour" was produced, Fairhaven College began offering a quarterly course entitled "Organic Gardening: Appropriate Technology." The course featured use of the Outback and its facilities as a practical "hands-on" laboratory, and a version of the course has remained in the Fairhaven curriculum since then.














The Outback is a joint program of Fairhaven College and the Associated Students of Western Washington University, and it has been a formal program at WWU since 1974. 

Source for images: Viking Union Student Activities: Associated Students of WWU Records. Accession 2015-21.

Tony Kurtz, University Archivist