2019-2020 Western Libraries Undergraduate Research Award Winners!



Posted on: Monday, July 27, 2020 - 8:26am

Western Libraries Undergraduate Research Award Winners, 2019-2020

Western Libraries is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 - 2020 Western Libraries Undergraduate Research Award.  Three awards are given annually to Western Washington University undergraduate students in recognition of their excellence and originality in creating research papers for courses taught across the colleges based on significant inquiry using library resources and collections.

Three people; Eleanor Young, Rowan Salton, & Hanna Estes

person, Jess Irvine

Each winner or winning team receives a cash award of $500.00, and publication of their prize-winning paper in Western CEDAR, Western Washington University’s institutional repository. Award applicants must demonstrate outstanding library research in their research and writing coursework at Western, and winners are selected by an award review committee consisting of a variety of faculty members from Western Libraries and other disciplines at Western.

person; Paige Toop



This year's winners are:

  • Eleanor Young, Rowan Salton, & Hanna Estes for their paper "Public Perceptions of #MeToo Gay Male Sexual Assault Disclosure: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Facebook Comments,” written for Psychology 451, Psychology of Trauma in Social & Cultural Context. Supporting faculty member: Brianna Delker.
  • Jessamyn (Jess) Irvine for their paper "Brutus the Usurper: Discordance and Resolution in Jacques-Louis David’s Roman Tableau" written for Art History 497, Early Modern Art, Gender, and Sexuality. Supporting faculty member: Javier Berzal de Dios
  • Paige Toop  for their paper "Beyond Thoughts and Prayers: Understanding Mass Violence through an Investigation of Masculinity in the White Nationalist Movement" written for Sociology 369, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity. Supporting faculty member: Glenn Tsunokai


Congratulations to all three talented award winners! And a special thank you also goes out to the 2019-2020 Award Review Committee, and all of the supporting faculty members: Gabe Gossett (Western Libraries), Jenny Oleen (Western Libraries), and Christine Espina (Nursing), Javier Berzal de Dios, Glenn T. Tsunokai, and Brianna Delker.

[photo captions 1) Left to Right, Eleanor Young, Rowan Salton, & Hanna Estes; 2) Jessamyn (Jess) Irvine; 3) Paige Toop]
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