Statement About Potentially Harmful Language and Content



Posted on: Monday, April 18, 2022 - 2:30pm

Western Libraries Division of Heritage Resources has developed a “Statement About Potentially Harmful Language and Content” that formally acknowledges the inherent harm and bias in the material we collect and the methods we use to interpret these resources. The statement is a public recognition that culturally sensitive, offensive or triggering material can negatively impact the individuals and communities who create, use and are represented in the resources that we manage. The statement is intended to offer the means for respectful dialogue with those who may be harmed or impacted, and to engage in respectful practices that build trust and collaboration.

Heritage Resources staff are currently adding the statement to our research and teaching tools, and over the coming months we will be developing new and revised policies and procedures that address the ways in which we collect materials, and how we engage with interested communities at every phase of our workflow.

For questions or more information, please contact Heritage Resources Director Elizabeth Joffrion at or (360) 650-3283.