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Think Again by JonArno Lawson

“Why are half-remembered things / The hardest to forget?” So concludes one of the 48 poems in this humble and poignant collection, and it serves as a summation of the theme: the vague but powerful recollections of a first love. This sense of story comes almost exclusively through Morstad’s wistful line art—an adolescent girl and boy, both in bathing suits, slowly come together on the page alongside poems about self-discovery and feelings, before drifting apart once again. Lawson’s poetry occasionally feels jejune alongside the ennui and longing of the drawings, but for the most part, it’s a fine, fidgety ode to uncertainty and discontent: “I don’t feel free, / And things are such I want to see, / but not to touch. To be / But not to be / Too much.” Lawson’s most specific poem, “My Dad,” is probably his best: “The briefest summing up suffices: / Gave himself up to his vices / Lives on beer and pizza slices.” An ideal book for wandering, wondering romantics. Review from Booklist