Studio Assistant Position Description, 2020-2021

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Studio Assistant Position Description, 2021-2022

Position Overview

Studio Assistants facilitate innovative, strategy-based learning experiences for visitors in person and online to support growth in research, reading, writing, speaking, listening, and other skills needed to navigate the challenges of student life and beyond. Studio Assistants are not expected to be experts in these skills but are dedicated to continuously developing their own academic and leadership skills over time and contributing to the ongoing development of the Studio’s mission and practices.

Note: Due to COVID-19, the Hacherl Research & Writing Studio is operating 100% online. We will only resume in-person services when it is safe to do so. Elements of the position description marked by an asterisk (*) are only carried out when the Studio is operating in-person.


Facilitate Learning (40%)

  • Justice: Integrate learning & action for equity and social justice into all facets of Studio work
  • In-Person*: Consult with Studio visitors by offering strategies and creating practice opportunities across multiple short interactions
  • Online: Provide strategy-based support to learners online using methods such as chat,
    screencasts, and Zoom meetings
  • Specialized: Develop additional skills to support a wide range of learning situations, including workshop support, long-term partners, and group work

Build a Learning Community (40%)

  • Invitational Learning: Actively greet and get to know all visitors personally, seeking to connect them to new experiences, ideas, and opportunities inside and outside of the Studio
  • Collective Leadership: Actively coordinate, delegate, and reflect on tasks with coworkers
  • Shift Management*: Maintain high awareness of what is happening in the physical and online Studio; quickly mobilize coworkers to respond to visitor needs
  • Space Management*: Maintain welcoming learning space by frequently reorganizing furniture and supplies
  • Events: Represent the Studio at events for new and returning students

Participate in Ongoing Professional Development (20%)

  • Initial Training: Commit to 2-3 hours of paid training per week during your first two quarters
  • Ongoing Training: Continue to participate in roughly 1 hour per week of ongoing paid training
  • Quarterly Assessment: Reflect on your growing practices by completing a quarterly assessment portfolio
  • Research & Travel: Conduct research on Studio practices and present at professional conferences (optional)


  • Flexible work schedule
    • First Two Quarters: ~8-10 hours per week (including work shifts and paid training)
    • Future Quarters: ~5-10 hours per week (flexible depending on preference and specialization)
  • Pay that starts at minimum wage: opportunities for greater responsibility and higher pay after
    the first year
  • Professional development in communication, teaching, and leadership skills highly desired by future employers
  • Opportunities to conduct, present, and publish undergraduate research
  • A lively, intellectually-engaged community of peer and professional coworkers
  • Your coolness increases by approximately 612.3% (results may vary)


  • Communicate well with others; enjoy learning and helping others learn
  • Be an undergraduate student taking at least 6 credits each quarter next year
  • Demonstrate willingness to engage with others on issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Demonstrate interest and growing skills (but not mastery) in reading, research, writing, speaking, and listening
  • Demonstrate interest and growing skills (but not mastery) in using online technologies to facilitate
    learning, both during COVID-19 and after
  • You do not need to be a native English speaker, be from a certain major, have a certain GPA, or be an upper division student
  • We strongly encourage multilingual students to apply


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