Application for Studio Assistant position at the Research & Writing Studio

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As a Studio Assistant, you will guide your fellow WWU students in developing skills for reading, research, and writing. In individual, group, and online conferences, you will respond to the needs of students by offering bite-sized feedback and strategies that incrementally help students grow as scholars. This position includes ongoing paid professional development and 4-6 hours of additional paid work per week.

Submit your application by completing the form below. Completed applications are due by 11am on Monday, April 23rd.

Please contact the Research & Writing Studio with any questions. (email:


What are the main goals of a Studio Assistant?

  • Provide reading, writing, and research guidance to learners of all majors and abilities.
  • Build a community that enjoys learning and working together.
  • Help the Research & Writing Studio grow as a program.

What will be your core responsibilities as a Studio Assistant?

  • Consult with individuals and groups in-person and online.
  • Demonstrate Studio methods in departments and classrooms, with both faculty and students, through presentations, workshops, and reader response.
  • Complete four hours a week of staff education in fall quarter; participate in ongoing staff development activities in successive quarters -- all paid.
  • Represent the Studio at events for new and returning students.
  • Use non-consulting time for completing projects that contribute to program goals.
  • Reflect on your growth as a Studio Assistant by completing a quarterly assessment portfolio.

What will you get out of being Studio Assistant?

  • Satisfaction in helping your fellow WWU students develop strong reading, research, and writing skills.
  • Pay that starts at $12.00 per hour.
  • Opportunities for greater responsibility and higher pay after the first year.
  • Professional development in communication, teaching, and leadership skills highly desired by future employers.
  • Opportunities to conduct, present, and publish undergraduate research.
  • A manageable 5-10 hour per week work schedule. (Note: Studio Assistants who receive work-study awards will work about 10 hours per week and receive pay based on their awards.)
  • Membership in a lively, intellectually-engaged community of peer and professional coworkers.

What qualities do you need in order to apply?

  • Communicate well with others; enjoy learning and helping others learn.
  • Be an undergraduate student taking at least 6 credits each quarter next year.
  • Show commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Demonstrate interest and growing skills (but not mastery) in reading, research, and writing. You do not need to be a native English speaker, be from a certain major, have a certain GPA, or be an upper division student.