Request a Studio Partner

Request a Studio Partner

The Hacherl Research & Writing Studio has different ways you can get one-on-one, ongoing support for research, writing, and reading.


Meet Regularly with a Studio Partner

You can meet regularly with a Studio Partner to work on the skills and strategies you need for your current coursework. It’s a great idea to have a Studio Partner if you know you will need some more specific help in developing strategies to help you manage your coursework. Fill out the form below if you're interested!


Enroll in the Research-Writing Practicum Class

The Practicum is a credit-bearing class that can be taken for 1-3 credits per quarter. The practicum is based on a learning plan geared towards your goals for the quarter and beyond. Based on a developed curriculum, you will work with a Practicum Assistant to develop research, writing, and reading strategies and skills based on both your long-term goals and your current classes. The Practicum is a class (LIBR339/439) and must be registered for; there is a tuition charge.


Fill out the form below to learn more about the Practicum class or to set up a meeting with a Studio Partner.


Note: You can schedule an appointment time most quickly and easily by visiting our online booking system, located at Please only use the form on this current page if you were unable to find a time that works on the booking site.