RWS Syllabus Blurb & Intro Videos


Syllabus Blurbs and Intro Videos for the Hacherl Research & Writing Studio


Below is our introductory blurb and videos that you add directly to Canvas or your syllabus. Feel free to use as much or as little as you like. If you'd like us to introduce the studio personally, you can also schedule an online class visit.


Simple Contact Info  |  Online Draft Submission Video  |  Online Services Video  

Bonus: (Extremely Silly) Studio Overview Video  | Bonus: (Extremely Silly) Message from Western Libraries


Simple Contact Info:

The Hacherl Research & Writing Studio supports almost anything that involves words: group projects, essays, posters, podcasts, lab reports, applications, grad theses and more!

You can use us just like an open art or architecture studio: you can be online with us any time to just to stay focused and get things done, to bounce ideas off someone, to show off something you're making, or to ask for tips any time you get stuck.

Fall Quarter Hours: 10am-9pm Monday through Thursday, 10am-5pm Friday, and 5pm-9pm Sunday.

Check special hours and access everything at just search for "WWU Studio"

  • Instantly text a question to 360-797-5910 during open hours
  • Instantly chat or drop into our Zoom room during open hours just to work or to ask a question
  • Send us a draft any time during the quarter
  • Explore our strategy videos 
  • Or if you're working towards a big goal, sign up for a partner to work with throughout the quarter


Studio Online Draft Submission How-To Video

Studio Online Services Video

Bonus: (Extremely Silly) Studio Overview Video

Bonus: (Extremely Silly) Message from Western Libraries