FAQs on Sustainable Access to Scholarly Resources

FAQs on Sustainable Access to Scholarly Resources

How can I find out more about Western’s Subscription Reductions Review?

What are the relevant deadlines for the Subscription Reductions Review?

Why is the list of proposed cancellations so long, and how did it come to be?

What is the projected reduction, in dollars, of the resource access budget?

Why does the Library project significant scholarly resource deficits of this magnitude?

Can funds from the Libraries operating budget transfer to the resources budget, and vice versa?

Will the Libraries operating budget be cut?

Will the Libraries need to cut staff to cover deficits in the resources budget?

Why must the University focus much of its attention on cancelling serials?

Are subscriptions associated with decision package funds on the list of proposed cancellations?

Will the Libraries also spend less on books?

Are there alternatives for access to canceled journals, other than Summit and interlibrary loan?

What will happen to the online back-files or archives of a journal if the current subscription is canceled?

How can Western faculty support sustainable scholarly communication?

Whom should I contact at the Libraries for additional information?