2019-20 Draft Cancellation List

2019-20 Draft Cancellation List

This list was distributed to department chairs on Wednesday, February 5. Departments have been asked to each submit a single response by Friday, March 6. Students and staff wishing to submit a retention request or otherwise participate in the review process should get in touch via one of the channels listed under We’re Listening.

Draft Cancellation List - February 2020

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For more information on key dates and next steps, read the Review Timeline.

How was the list generated?

Throughout summer and fall, the Subscription Task Force collected data on Western’s 400+ subscriptions. These data represented a blend of quantitative and qualitative criteria (detailed in the Subscription Scoring section), each of which contributed a number of points towards a resource’s final score. Ultimately, scores ranged from 6.25 to 96 out of 100 points. The Task Force used the lowest-scoring resources to generate the draft cancellation list, accumulating enough titles to meet the $330,000 reduction goal plus a margin for departmental retention requests. The majority of subscriptions on the list fall below 48 out of 100 points. You can see each subscription’s score in the “Total Review Score” column of the draft cancellation list, as well as the scores for each individual criterion broken out.