Subscription Review - 2019-20 Final Cancellation List

Subscription Review - 2019-20 Final Cancellation List

UPDATE 5/26/2020: Two additional titles will be retained using decision package funds for the new Marine and Coastal Science program. These titles are Remote Sensing of Environment and Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology.

2019-20 Final Subscription Cancellation List

This list represents the culmination of more than 16 months’ work by faculty and staff both in and outside the Libraries. It has been shaped by multiple outreach campaigns and several tours through shared governance channels. We know that cancellation decisions are intrinsically painful, but have done our best to balance needs and resources on behalf of the community.

During Fall 2019, 252 titles were identified for potential cancellation based on how they scored according to 13 quantitative and qualitative criteria. Of these original 252 titles, we will be retaining 63 titles—47 using the originally planned buffer of $66,000, and an additional 16 titles using Libraries carryforward. These titles will be retained for one year, after which they may again be subject to cancellation. The remaining 189 titles from the original draft cancellation list will be cancelled; the end date for each subscription—and any post-cancellation retention rights—are listed in the cancellation spreadsheet. This list represents a total reduction of approximately $278,000.

Given current financial uncertainties, there are simply not additional one-time funds to use to retain more than the 63 titles mentioned above. Further, any one-time funds applied this year will only increase the scope of reductions for AY2021-22, as those funds are not added to the base budget. By saving 16 titles beyond our original projections, we hope to strike a balance between mitigating this year’s losses and making next year’s worse.

Final Cancellation List – May 2020

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If you have questions about the cancellation list, the subscription review process, or the feedback survey, email the Libraries’ Collection Services division, Director of Collections and Task Force Chair Madeline Kelly, or your Subject Librarian Team.