Review Timeline

Review Timeline

The Subscription Task Force has been preparing for the 2019-20 subscription reductions since early 2019; however, the Libraries’ Scholarly Resources Group--made up of librarians and other collections experts--began laying the groundwork for a new subscription review process in early 2018. Learn about how this process developed and see important upcoming dates below.

NOTE: We will update this page periodically as new meetings and events are scheduled.

Spring Quarter 2020

  • Mid-March: Subscription Task Force compiles department feedback and summarizes themes, key concerns, and trends for library review
  • Late March: Scholarly Resources Group reviews Task Force summary and updates draft cancellation list based on feedback
  • April: Senate Library Committee and/or University Planning and Resources Council reviews updated recommendations and provides feedback
  • May: Libraries Administration reviews updated recommendations and makes final cancellation decisions
  • Ongoing: Task Force communicates updates to the university community via faculty governance, news stories, and email


Winter Quarter 2020

  • Task Force Chair presents process to Faculty Senate
  • Task Force announces upcoming cancellation review via all-faculty email, Western Today, Library News, and Task Force website
  • February 5: Draft list of cancellations distributed for department feedback
  • February 10: Task Force members attend Huxley College of the Environment meeting
  • February 11: Task Force members attend Senate Library Committee
  • February 12: Open forum 4-5:30pm in Haggard Hall 253 and remotely via Zoom (see 2019-20 Draft Cancellation List for details)
  • February 20: Task Force members attend Geology Department meeting
  • February 21: Libraries Administration and Task Force Chair meet with UFWW
  • February 26: Task Force members attend Fairhaven College meeting
  • February 27: Open forum 4-5:30pm in Haggard Hall 253 and remotely via Zoom (see 2019-20 Draft Cancellation List for details)
  • March 4: Task Force members attend Math Department meeting
  • March 6: Department responses due to


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