2021-22 Subscription Review FAQ

2021-22 Subscription Review FAQ

How was the current subscription reduction process developed?

Have interlibrary loan (ILL) costs been factored into the subscription review?

How is the draft cancellation list generated?

Can you tell me more about the qualitative criteria?

Why does the Libraries make changes to Western’s subscriptions?

How does the library get usage statistics?

How is three-year cost-per-use (CPU) calculated?

Are there alternatives for access to canceled journals, other than interlibrary loan?

Will I have a chance to provide feedback before a resource is cancelled?

If I use a journal regularly in one of my classes, will the Libraries keep it?

Will the Libraries be budgeting any less for books?

Can I suggest a new subscription?

How can Western faculty support sustainable scholarly communication?

Why is this subscription review and reduction happening now? Didn’t we do this last year and a few years before that? Will this continue to happen?