June 2021 Subscription Update

June 2021 Subscription Update

June 2021 Update

In response to a recent commitment from the Provost’s Office to provide full, one-time funding for next fiscal year, the Libraries will no longer be forced to pursue subscription cancellations this year. The much-needed funds allow us to move from a reactionary stance into a more deliberate, strategic review of our subscription portfolio.

It is a great relief not to have to cancel subscriptions for next year. However, this financial reprieve does not include funding for new subscriptions. Having received many faculty requests for new journals and databases over the years, the Libraries still wishes to better align subscription content with Western’s current teaching and research needs. During the 2020-21 subscription review process, some departments requested new subscriptions in place of existing ones. To honor these requests and ensure that the university’s subscription portfolio remains dynamic and relevant, the Libraries will be moving forward with a small number of request-driven subscription swaps. Our net subscription spending will remain the same, but the content itself will shift into closer alignment with the curriculum.

The titles being cancelled effective January 1, 2022 include:

  • Econometrics Journal (Oxford University Press)
  • Economic Journal (Oxford University Press)
  • Journal of Marketing Research (SAGE)
  • Merrill Palmer Quarterly 
  • Early Music (Oxford University Press)
  • Musical Quarterly (Oxford University Press)


New titles to begin January 1, 2022 include:

  • Representations
  • Philippine Studies Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints
  • Caribbean Studies
  • Speculum
  • Journal of Financial Education
  • Financial Management
  • Ethnomusicology


This is in addition to new titles being added using decision package funds in early childhood education, marine and coastal sciences, and STEM (engineering and design, energy studies, chemistry, and biology).

The Libraries intends to proactively review subscriptions in 2021-22 and explore additional title swaps in order to better meet the university’s ever-changing needs. We intend to maintain net subscription spending; however, if in future biennia the subscription budget is not adequately funded, the Libraries will again need to pursue large-scale subscription cancellations.

The Libraries is grateful for the university’s engagement with the subscription review process this year. We look forward to working with the university community on a long-term and predictable budgeting model that allows for more strategic, sustainable subscriptions in the future.

Don’t hesitate to contact your Subject Team or the Collection Services division if you or your department have questions, concerns, or library needs. We are here for you!