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Special Collections Oral History Program

About Our Program

The WWU Libraries Special Collections Oral History Program was initiated in 2003. Our goal is to enhance the resources of our Campus History Collection with the recorded memories and observations of those deeply familiar with aspects of Western's history, development,  culture, and contributions to the community. Participants include former faculty members, administrators, staff, and alumni, as well as individuals with special affiliations or connections with Western and attendees of the Campus School, a public school at Western from 1899 to 1967. We are deeply grateful to those who agree to share their recollections with us and with researchers of the future. Selected transcripts are available online. Others may be accessed at Special Collections (restrictions may apply).

Currently available transcripts:



        Phillip R. Ager

        Phillip R. Ager

        Laurence W. Brewster

        Danny Beatty
        Dennis Catrell
        Robert J. Cross         Warren Beecroft
        Stanley M. Daugert                Isabelle Berry
        Carol J. Diers         Rob Brand

        Peter J. Elich

        Joan (Hoppe) Campbell

        Paul M. Ford

        Philip Campbell

        Richard Lee Francis

        Jack Carver

        Harley E. Hiller

        Barbara (Barker) Congdon

        Roland L. De Lorme

        Harold Fisher

        George S. Lamb

        Mary Ann Fisher

        Theodore A. Mork

        Evelyn (Axelson) Larson Green

        James O'Brien

        Carroll Haeske

        Patricia O'Brien

        Mark Hardie

        Harold O. Palmer

        Arthur Heald

        Larry S. Richardson

        Harlan Jackson

        Jeffrey Kelly

        Elaine Jamieson

        James W. Scott

        Marion (Cowell) Krabbe

        James L. Talbot

        Gerald Larson

        Don C. Walter

        Homer B. Mathes

          Theodore A. Mork

Campus School Memories Project

        Ralph Munro

         Danny Beatty

        Charles Odell

         Mary E. (Johnston) Bond

        Harold Partlow

         Rob Brand

        Gloria Pinard

         Jean Burnet

        Gerald (Jerry) Punches

         John R. Calhoun

        Larry S. Richardson

         Joan (Hoppe) Campbell

        Ruby Johnson Smith

         Jack Carver         Anne Valum-Johnson
         Barbara (Barker) Congdon         Betty (Anderson) Watson
         Harold Fisher

        Theodore White

         Evelyn (Axelson) Larson Green

        Howard Wilder
         Brian Griffin         Frank "Moose" Zurline
         Georgia (McCush) Heald
         Charles Robert ("Bob") Hitz
         Harlan Jackson
         Larry E. Johnson  
         Jack Kienast Affiliates/Friends
         John R. Kienast

        Fred Bassetti

         Mary (Haggen) King

        Louella Carlile

         Marion (Cowell) Krabbe         Henry Klein
         George S. Lamb  

         Gerald Larson

         Margie Lee  
         Judy (Hall) Lewis  
         Barbara (Welsh) McCollum  
         Bob & Marilyn Monahan  
         Theodore A. Mork  
         Henrietta Moseley  
         Neill Mullen  

         James & Patricia O'Brien

         Janis R. Olson  
         Gerald (Jerry) Punches  
         Hartley Seeger  
         Anne Valum-Johnson  
         Betty (Anderson) Watson  
         Kamalla Rose Kaur (Whitley) [Allyn Blood]  
         Frank "Moose" Zurline & Vi Zurline