Usability Links

Current Usability Projects


User Testing of Western Libraries New Website (Fall 2016): 

The Usability & Design Working Group will partner with the Resource Discovery Unit in order to conduct robust user testing of the Libraries’ new website. These results will inform the continued development and the eventual implementation of the new site. Learn more here.

Google Search Appliance Mapping (Winter 2017): 

The Usability & Design Working Group will conduct a review of search queries in Google Analytics in order to a) identify frequent search commands tendered by users, which will b) inform constructive and user-centric changes to the Western Washington University Google Search Appliance (GSA) settings.

Instructional Accessibility Toolkit (2016-2017 Academic Year):

The Usability & Design Working Group will continue to work on accessibility efforts during the 2016-2017 academic year, with a focus on instructional accessibility for Western Libraries and Learning Commons personnel. This project includes the following efforts: Conduct a survey of instructor needs on accessibility issues in classroom and service points settings (Fall 2016); Develop accessibility guidelines, standards, and instruction templates for instructors (all of which will be successfully mapped to survey responses); and pilot the toolkit with an instructor, and use that feedback to improve.