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  • 7/27/2021 - Summer quarter reserves are electronic only. Planning is underway for limited physical reserves service in the fall. 

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Course Reserves - Faculty FAQs

Course Reserves for Faculty

For the safety of our students, faculty, and staff Western Libraries is unable to provide physical course reserves at this time. Electronic reserves are still available. With the goal of providing access to course materials, and in lieu of placing physical items on course reserve, we encourage faculty and staff to use digital materials to support their classes, such as digital access to articles, ebooks, streaming films, or open educational resources.

To request streaming media, please use the Streaming Digital Media Request Form or contact your Subject Librarian Team for assistance with identifying and accessing resources for remote teaching and learning.

What are course reserves?

Who can place items on reserve?

How do I submit a course reserves list request?

How soon should I submit my reserve list and how long will it take to complete?

How do course reserves work with Canvas and what if I don’t use Canvas?

How do students access electronic reserves?

Can I re-use my course reserves list during future quarters?

Do I need copyright permission to use electronic reserves?

Is it possible to request that the library scan a selection from my personally-owned copy of a book and have it added to my course reserve list?

If I need help identifying an electronic version of something I used to have in a physical format, who can I talk to?

Is it possible to have an electronic version of my textbook placed on course reserve?

If I want to request streaming media, how do I make that request?

Will physical course reserves be available next quarter?