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Course Reserves - Faculty FAQs

Course Reserves FAQs for Faculty

What are course reserves?

Who can place items on reserve?

How do I submit a course reserves list request?

How soon should I submit my reserve list and how long will it take to complete?

How do course reserves work with Canvas and what if I don’t use Canvas?

How do students access electronic reserves?

Can I re-use my course reserves list during future quarters?

Do I need copyright permission to use electronic reserves?

Is it possible to request that the library scan a selection from my personally-owned copy of a book and have it added to my course reserve list?

If I need help identifying an electronic version of something I used to have in a physical format, who can I talk to?

Is it possible to have an electronic version of my textbook placed on course reserve?

If I want to request streaming media, how do I make that request?