Course Reserves - Faculty FAQs

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Queue Status

  • 3/20/2020 - Due to coronavirus-related closures, there may be delays in processing new requests and physical items may be unavailable if not already on reserve.
  • If you need an update about your reserves request, please contact Joanna

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Course Reserves - Faculty FAQs

Course Reserves for Faculty


What are course reserves?

Who can place items on reserve?

How can I submit a reserves list?

How soon should I submit my reserve list? How long with it take to process?

How do physical reserves work?

How do electronic reserves work?

How do course reserves work with Canvas? What if I don't use Canvas?

Can I re-use reserves lists and/or items?

I submitted my personal item(s) for reserves? How do I get them back?

What are loan periods for course reserves?

How many items can I place on reserve?

Do I need copyright permission to use electronic course reserves?

Can't library staff just look up reserves information for students at the circulation desk?