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Explanation of ILLiad Statuses

ILLiad uses various statuses to track interlibrary loan requests. These statuses, listed below, may be used to pinpoint the status of your request at any given time. Please note that these statuses reflect the actions of the requestor as well as those of the ILL staff.

Status: Explanation:
Awaiting patron contact The requested item has arrived and has been processed by the ILL staff, but we have not yet contacted the patron to inform him/her that the item has arrived.
Awaiting post receipt processing The requested item has arrived, but has not yet been processed by the ILL staff.
Awaiting return processing This item has been returned to the ILL office by the patron. It is currently awaiting return processing so that it can be returned to the lender.
Cancelled by ILL staff

This request has been cancelled by the ILL staff. The reason for this cancellation may be found in ILLiad by pushing the "View/Resubmit Cancelled Requests" button and looking at the detailed information for the cancelled item.

Note: If one of your requests is cancelled by the ILL staff, ILLiad immediately sends you an e-mail message explaining why the item was cancelled.

Checked out to patron The requested item has arrived, has been processed by the ILL staff, and has been checked out by the patron, by one of his/her proxies, or by a staff member who is preparing to deliver the item. Until the item's status is changed to "Item Checked In", the patron is responsible for the item.
In communication with possible lender ILL staff is working with a lender on the terms of a loan or to clarify a citation.
Item checked in The item has been returned to the ILL office by the patron and the item has been checked in. It is now ready for return processing.
Purchase request in process Your purchase suggestion is being evaluated for addition to our collection and an appropriate copy is being located.
Received incorrect/partial item An item was received that either does not match the item that was requested or is incomplete. The ILL staff will determine the quickest means to correct this.
Request finished

The entire request process has been completed successfully. Requests with this status are archived under the "View Request History" button.

Note: Cancelled requests are not at "Request Finished" status and thus do not display under "View Request History". Cancelled requests may be found under the "View/Resubmit Cancelled Requests" button.

Request in process ILL Staff is verifying your citation and searching for possible lenders.
Request in use by staff This request is currently open and being processed by a staff member.
Request received from lender The requested item has arrived, has been processed by the ILL staff, and the patron has been notified of its availability via E-Mail.
Request submitted to lenders Request has been submitted to potential lenders and we are awaiting reply or shipment.
Submitted by patron This request has been submitted by the patron and is awaiting processing by the ILL staff.