Participation Within the TLA

About the TLA

Participation Within the TLA

TLA Dialogues: Process

The TLA hosts dialogues throughout each quarter, and focuses on a different teaching and learning related topic for each session. For the current dialogue topics, visit the site's Welcome page.

General Details:

  • Dialogue groups meet for 90 minutes.
  • No registration is required, and new participants are encouraged to join!
  • TLA Dialogues meet from 4:00 to 5:30pm on event dates, unless otherwise mentioned.


Students: You can receive credit (LIBR 340: Speaking & Listening) for participating in the TLA. For more information, contact

Dialogue Norms

The Teaching-Learning Academy has adopted the following Dialogue Norms to honor principles around civil discourse. These norms were adapted from the prior TLA Converstaional Agreements by the TLA student staff, with oversight from Buddha Brown. The original Conversational Agreements were developed for TLA by Dr. Carmen Werder’s fall 2009 Communication 322 Civil Discourse students, with contributions by TLA participants.

During TLA...

  • Value the dialogue: Respect everyone’s air time & the content shared. Acknowledge that personal assumptions & biases may hinder productive dialogues.
  • Listen respectfully: Accept that people communicate & learn in different ways; assume the best possible intentions of the speaker & ask understanding questions.
  • Share courageously: Come with the intent to create a collaborative space for having courageous conversations. Be sincere in sharing, but exercise setting healthy personal boundaries. 
  • Stay engaged:  Focus on the dialogue topic. Maintain confidentiality for what is shared & avoid causing distractions for other participants.