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    Employment at the Tutoring Center

    Working as a member of the TC team provides many benefits, including:

    • Develop communication and leadership skills
    • Gain career-relevant work experience
    • Regularly review study strategies
    • Regularly review course content (Tutors only)
    • Collaborate to help create a vibrant and inclusive learning community


    See below for information on applying!

    If you are interested in working at the Tutoring Center, read the job descriptions (Linked below) and complete an application. Online applications are linked at the bottom of the job description page for each position. You can also download the PDF version of the application and send it to the TC via email. Please contact Nathan Romond with any questions.


    Application forms are now closed. 

    Learn more about working as a Tutor or Peer Advisor!

    If you have circumstances that prevent you from submitting your application by the deadline, please email us ​​​​​​