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Employment at the Tutoring Center

Working as a member of the TC team provides many benefits, including:

  • Development of communication and leadership skills
  • Work experience relvant to career development
  • Satisfaction of helping fellow students to become independent learners
  • A chance to work closely as part of a cohesive team of tutors and peer advisors
  • Tutors: and excellent review of course content


The Tutoring center hires Subject Tutors and Peer Advisors during spring quarter for employment during the following academic year. The application deadline usually falls in late April. On rare occasions we will hire new tutors mid-year; submit an application any time to be held until the next round of hiring.

If your are interested in working at the Tutoring Center, read the job descriptions in the links above and complete an application. Blank applications are available in the Tutoring Center in WL 280. Completed applications may be submitted in person at the Tutoring Center, or emailed to the Tutoring Center Director, Katrina Buckman. Please call or email the Tutoring Center with any questions.

2019 Employment Application Deadline: Saturday May 4, 2019

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