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    Faculty & Staff Support

    The Tutoring Center supports students through their transition to college and throughout their college careers. Study skills support is provided with multiple formats:

    Study Skills Booklet: This resource is available online or at the Tutoring Center; students are welcome to review it independently or with the guidance of a peer advisor.

    Study Skills Appointments: These consultations with specially-trained peer advisors help students develop better time management, note taking, and test prep strategies. Additionally, guided post-exam metacognitive analyses, help students study more effectively and use their exams as learning tools. Students can set up an appointment by filling out the Study Skills Survey and Scheduling form, by emailling the Tutoring Center, or by calling 360-650-3855.

    Study Skills Presentations: These peer-to-peer presentations focus on time management, note taking, reading for meaning, and growth mindset, and may be arranged by WWU professors or staff members.

    Professors can hep the Tutoring Center provide focused and effective support to their students by providing the following information:

    Course Information: Our lead tutors review syllabuses, textbooks, and handouts from the courses they support. They hold weekly review sessions to disseminate this information to our tutors and help them prepare for the types of questions they are likely to see each week. Study-group facilitators also review material weekly in preparation for discussions with your students.

    We appreciate your providing course handouts and other pertinent materials to lead tutors and study group facilitators, and sharing any information whcih you think will help them support your students

    Student Materials: At departmental request, we hold copies of supplements, quiz keys, and test keys students can check-out for use within the Tutoring Center. Let us know if you have any materials for us to pick up, or email them to TC director Katrina.Buckman@wwu.edu

    Assignment Instructions: Let us know if there are assignments you don't want tutors to help with, or to tutor only in a particular way; please provide the course, professor or section, name of the assignment, date assigned, date due, and any specific notes. A copy of the assignment is also very helpful. Email the information to your lead tutor or TC director Katrina.Buckman@wwu.edu; alternatively, we can pick it up from you or your department office at your request.

    Examples of Assignment Instructions