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Tutor-Facilitated Study Groups

The Tutoring Center can arrange tutor-facilitated study groups for Tutoring Center supported courses at the request of a student or instructor. Trained facilitators, who have done well in the course, coordinate with instructors to support students as they collaborate and learn course material. To request a study group for a course, fill out our Study Group Request Form with at least two weeks of advance notice. 

Study Group Request Form

Spring 2022 Study Groups

Groups with both a link and room location can be joined either in-person or online. More study groups will be added as they are formed.

[Study Groups will not meet during Finals Week!]

Biology 101

Tuesdays 4-5PM: Bond Hall 104 & Via Zoom

Thursdays 7-8PM: Via Zoom

Biology 204

Wednesdays 5-6PM: Bond Hall 106

Biology 205

Wednesdays 4-5PM: Bond Hall 112

Biology 206

Mondays 4-5PM: Bond Hall 106

Biology 321

Mondays 3-4PM: Bond Hall 104

Chemistry 161

Mondays 6-7PM: Bond Hall 104

Chemistry 162

Tuesdays 6-7PM: Bond Hall 106

Thursdays 11-12PM: Bond Hall 106

Chemistry 163

Tuesdays 6-7PM: Bond Hall 104

Thursdays 4-5PM: Bond Hall 104

Chemistry 351

Tuesdays 5-6PM: Academic West 412

Chemistry 353

Tuesdays 4-5PM: Academic West 412

Decision Sciences 305

Thursdays 12-1PM: Bond Hall 104

Economics 206

Fridays 2-3PM: Bond Hall 217

Mathematics 099

Wednesdays 5-6PM: Haggard Hall 222

Mathematics 107

Wednesdays 4-5PM: Bond Hall 104

Mathematics 112

Wednesdays 3-4PM: Bond Hall 104

Fridays 3-4PM: Bond Hall 221

Mathematics 114

Mondays 3-4PM: Bond Hall 112

Thursdays 3-4PM: Bond Hall 112

Mathematics 115

Tuesdays 4-5PM: Bond Hall 217

Thursdays 4-5PM: Bond Hall 217

Mathematics 157

Wednesdays 1-2PM: Bond Hall 112

Philosophy 102

Tuesdays 3-4PM: Bond Hall 112

Thursdays 4-5PM: Bond Hall 112

Physics 116

Wednesdays 10-11AM: Bond Hall 114

Physics 162

Wednesdays 5-6PM: Bond Hall 104

Physics 163

Mondays 3-4PM: Bond Hall 106


To get the most from your study group:

  • Attend class regularly and read all course materials.
  • Attempt all homework assignments on your own.
  • Bring questions and your course materials to the study group.
  • SPEAK UP about what you know and what you need to learn.


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