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Writing Research Fellows

The Writing Instruction Support program sponsors Writing Research Fellowships to faculty-student pairs to develop a study investigating the effectiveness of a particular writing instruction practice being used in the classroom.

Each Writing Research Fellow pair receives a modest stipend in exchange for meeting once-a-month during the academic year to consult on their evolving studies and agrees to share their resulting findings and materials. 

Faculty-student pairs publish their results both in person at professional development events on campus and on the Writing Instruction Support website.

See examples of past studies below.

The 2015-2016 Writing Research Fellows:

Sura Al-Qudah (Engineering & Design) and Nathan Romond (Mathematics): "Assessment of Engineering Writing at Western Washington University"


The 2014-2015 Writing Research Fellows:

Jeremy Cushman and Katie Teer (English): "Telling Stories in a Professional and Technical Communication Course"

Tara Perry and Jackie Heller (Communication Studies): "Co-authors: Faculty-student Collaborative Writers"

Megan Spiegel (English graduate student and Research and Program Manager, Graduate School): "(Re)Sequencing the Research/Writing Process in the Writing Classroom"



The 2013-2014 Writing Research Fellows:

As part of the Elon Seminar on Writing Transfer involving a cohort of 40+ scholars from across the US and other countries, Carmen Werder conducted a study titled "Telling Expectations About Academic Writing" - an article on her findings is forthcoming, Stylus 2016. Werder worked with several WWU undergraduates who helped code survey responses. 



The 2012-2013 Writing Research Fellows:

Kristin Mahoney and Kaitlyn Abrams (English): "The Use of Archival Sources in Scholary Writing"

Karen Bradley and Michael Manley (Sociology): "Does the Creation of an Outline Prior to Writing a Draft Enhance the Quality of Students' Papers?"



The 2010-2011 Writing Research Fellows:

Diana Jones and Rachell Redd (Human Services): "Using Visual Imagery to Enhance Student Writing"

Kathleen Zuanich Young and Francesca Leaf (Anthropology): "The Narrating Subject: Student Reflection on Witness Narrative"

Korry Harvey (Communication) and Misa Harring (Political Science): "The Effect of Student Peer Response and Assessment on the Proficiency of Writing Traits at the College Level"



The 2009-2010 Writing Research Fellows:

Raine Dozier and Kathryn Frazier (Human Services): "Peer Review Skill Development in a Writing Proficiency Course: Can Peer Review Really Improve Writing Skills?"

Margi Fox and Jennie Jacobs (English): "Usability of Peer Review Workshops."

Ray Wolpow and Jody Bault (Secondary Education): "Analyzing Reflective Writing."

Annemarie Curd, Shanyese Trujillo, and William Lay (Education): "Efficacy of Interactive Journaling as an Undergraduate Teaching/Learning Device."



The 2008-2009 Writing Research Fellows:

Bidisha Biswas, Rosa Jiminez, and Jessica Pemble (Political Science): “Challenging What We Think We Know: Moving Beyond the Obstacles of Prior Knowledge.”

Paul Chen and Steve Walker (Political Science): “The effectiveness of revision activities on improving writing.”

Suzanne Paola and Lori Brack (English): "Student Writing and Non-traditional Writing Media and Environments."

Margi Fox and Jeanne Killgore (English): "Impact of written comments on student writing."

Jennifer Karchmer and Kate Bauer (Communication): “Exploring Reflective Journal Writing in the Classroom.”



The 2007-2008 Writing Research Fellows:

Jennifer Karchmer and Anya Nakrokhina (Communication): Journal Writing in the Classroom: Chore or Delight?

Lauren McClanahan and Molly Mullen (Secondary Ed): People, Places and Ideas: A Year-long Conversation with Rural Alaskan Students

Catherine McDonald and Amanda Hill (English): Student Literacy and the Effect of Digital Writing

Bob Mitchell and Niki Thane (Geology): Integration of technical and scientific writing into Surface-Water Hydrology (GEOL 472/572)

Julia Sapin and Robyn Rossmeisl (Art History): Blogging as a Way of Thinking

Shelby Sheppard, Jennifer Baldwin, and Gretchen Anderson (Secondary Ed): Using a Field Journal to Enhance Conceptual Understanding

Jim Stewart, Mike Greiner, Cassandra Cook (Physics): Improving Metacognitive Skills

Tara Perry, Brian Launius, andHayley Peterson (Communication): Making it Through: From Start to Finish… Faculty and Student Co-authorship Process



The 2006-2007 Writing Research Fellows:

Cher Carnell, Tracy Coskie, Derrick Mears, Matthew Miller, and Julia Sapin.