About Us - Services

About Us - Services

Writing Conferences
Writing conferences are collaborative dialogues between you and your writing assistant.  Since there's no "right answer" in writing, writing assistants act as a responsive audience, enabling you to see possibilities for revising. During conferences, you'll notice we emphasize strategies to manage the writing process, both for the current assignment and for future writings.

Global Strategies (for big ideas)
Local Strategies (for grammar/proofreading)
Clarify thesis Identify patterns of error
Organize logically Model error correction
Connect parts Recommend proofreading strategies

You may visit us at any point while writing, whether it be for help in selecting a topic or in polishing a final draft, and you may bring any writing task, from course assignments, essay exams, or job search materials.

Writing Assistants are available by appointment or drop-in. Conferences last either twenty-five or fifty minutes; if your draft is more than five pages, we recommend a 50-minute appointment. Sign up on our schedule (available across from Zoe's in Wilson Library) or call us at 650-3219.

Accommodations are available! Call us at 650-3219 to make special arrangements.

Online Conferences
Can't come to us? Then let us come to you! In online conferences, writers submit their drafts via a web form and receive responses in the form of screencasts (audio visual) from writing assistants. Please see  Send Us A Draft for more info.

We also offer many other resources including these:

  • Books on a variety of topics, including writing process and conventions
  • Handouts on composition strategies and grammar
  • Computers for writing and revising
  • Software for composing and documenting
  • Software for document design or Web publishing


The Writing Center offers valuable internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Applications are currently open for the 2012-2013 academic year.  Please see the attached position description and application.