End Marks

End Marks


  1. Use a period to terminate a declarative sentence.
    • I went to the store with Morris.
    • If you aren't coming, the rest of us will leave now.
  2. Use a period to terminate indirect questions or polite requests.
    • The professor asked us if we understood his lecture.
    • I wonder when she will arrive.
    • Will you please help your mother in the kitchen.
  3. Use a period with abbreviations of titles, degrees, names, and times. Do not use periods in postal abbreviations or in most acronyms.
    Ms. Capt. Hon.
    B.A. Ph.D. M.D.
    T. S. Eliot Aug. Ave.
    9:00 A.M. 9:00 P.M. 1992 A.D.

Question Mark

  1. Use a question mark to terminate a direct question.
    • May I help you?
    • When is your paper due?
  2. Use a question mark to indicate uncertainty about a date or number.
    • His grandfather (1900?-1991) was alive during the Great Depression.

Exclamation Point

  1. Use an exclamation point to terminate emphatic sentences or sentences expressing strong emotion. Exclamation points should be used sparingly.
    • The bus is coming. Hurry!
    • Poor me! I am too busy to eat or sleep.