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Building a community around writing instruction at WWU

Program Overview

The Writing Instruction Support (WIS) program provides direct assistance to faculty who are teaching writing courses or who incorporate writing into their courses. 

WIS has three main functions:  

1) Provide information about writing course requirements, especially the upper-division Writing Proficiency requirement, and the best practices for teaching and assessing writing.

2) Sponsor instructional activities such as the Integrated Research & Writing Workshop Series and the annual faculty writing instruction workshop-retreat.

3) Offer resources on teaching writing in print, multi-media, and online. The WIS collection and the program office is located in The Corner (Wilson Library 265). 

See the Hacherl Research & Writing Studio for resources and services to provide direct support to students with their research and writing. 



Consultation Times

Julie Dugger, WIS Director, is available for individual, small group or departmental consultations on any topic related to writing instruction and assessment as well as to consult on expectations for Writing Proficiency courses. 

To set up an appointment contact Julie at (360) 650-7329 or at julie.dugger@wwu.edu.


Writing Instruction Support is a Western Libraries program and Learning Commons partner.