New Materials in the Collection

by Chapin, Miles.; Prato, Rodica.

Publication Date: 2006

cover of 88 keys : the making of a Steinway piano

by Milio, Nancy, author.

Publication Date: 1970


This book tells the story of a storefront health clinic, the Mom and Tots Center, located in Detroit's Lower Southeast Side ghetto in 1967. During the Detroit Riot of 1967, buildings on both sides of the Center were fired and gutted. The Center was untouched. Why it was untouched is one of the implicit themes of this book. The book is both a documentary of how a new institution grew and a personal account of how a social activist, Nancy Milio, was herself changed.

cover of 9226 Kercheval : the storefront that did not burn

by Peacock, Margaret, author.; Peterson, Erik L., author.

Publication Date: 2022


Peacock and Peterson probe into what they consider the Four Pandemics that converged in 2020: disease, disinformation, poverty, violence. Their analysis revealed a sick country that believed it was well, a violent nation that believed it was peaceful; one that mistook poverty for prosperity and accountability for rebellion. Here they help readers sift through the chaos and misinformation that characterized those frantic days. The result is both an unflinching indictment of a nation that is still reeling, and a testament to the power of human resilience and collective memory.

cover of A deeper sickness : journal of America in the pandemic year

by Watson, Jamie Carlin, author.

Publication Date: 2022


In this comprehensive tour of the long history and philosophy of expertise, from ancient Greece to the 20th century, Jamie Carlin Watson tackles the question of expertise and why we can be skeptical of what experts say, making a valuable contribution to contemporary philosophical debates on authority, testimony, disagreement and trust. His review sketches out the ancient origins of the concept, discussing its early association with cunning, skill and authority and covering the sort of training that ancient thinkers believed was required for expertise.

cover of A history and philosophy of expertise : the nature and limits of authority

by Van de Mieroop, Marc, author.

Publication Date: 2021


A History of Ancient Egypt, Second Edition, provides a chronological survey of Ancient Egypt from the beginning of the Egyptian state around 3000 B.C. until the time when the Roman Empire banned the writing of hieroglyphs in the late fourth century AD. This narrative history outlines major political and cultural events, and considers both social and economic life. Written in an authoritative and accessible style, and incorporating the latest scholarship, A History of Ancient Egypt is an invaluable resource for students of ancient Egyptian history--

cover of A history of ancient Egypt

by Daly, Samuel Fury Childs, 1986- author.

Publication Date: 2020


On May 30th 1967, Sir Louis Mbanefo brought a new country into the world. Mbanefo was a widely respected judge, known to the Nigerian public as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. To his peers in the judiciary he was a formidable moralist - a black Englishman who did not mix well at parties as one would recall.2 A Cambridge education, a successful law practice, a knighthood, and a term on the International Court of Justice were all behind him.3 Ahead of him was an uncertain future.

cover of A history of the Republic of Biafra : law, crime, and the Nigerian Civil War

by Schotte, Margaret E., 1976- writer of supplementary textual content.; Raffety, Matthew Taylor, 1972- writer of supplementary textual content.; Phipps, Catherine Lynn, 1968- writer of supplementary textual content.; Phillips, Carla Rahn, 1943- writer of supplementary textual content.; Norling, Lisa, writer of supplementary textual content.; Mulich, Jeppe, 1986- writer of supplementary textual content.; Igler, David, 1964- writer of supplementary textual content.; Hang, Xing, 1982- writer of supplementary textual content.; Clulow, Adam, writer of supplementary textual content.; Perl-Rosenthal, Nathan, 1982- editor.; Benton, Lauren A., 1956- editor.

Publication Date: 2020


The past twenty-five years have brought a dramatic expansion of scholarship in maritime history, including new research on piracy, long-distance trade, and seafaring cultures. Yet maritime history still inhabits an isolated corner of world history, according to editors Lauren Benton and Nathan Perl-Rosenthal. Benton and Perl-Rosenthal urge historians to place the relationship between maritime and terrestrial processes at the center of the field and to analyze the links between global maritime practices and major transformations in world history.

cover of A world at sea : maritime practices and global history

by Whiteside, Abby.; Whiteside, Abby.

Publication Date: 1997


Contains the texts of two books by piano teacher Abby Whiteside, the first, Indispensables of Piano Playing, in which she explains her rhythm-based method of learning to play, and the second, Mastering the Chopin Etudes and Other Essays, in which she applies her principles to the performance of the Chopin Etudes.

cover of Abby Whiteside on piano playing.

by Chanda, Justin.

Publication Date: 2008


Six original one-act plays for middle graders written by six Newbery winning authors.

cover of Acting out : six one-act plays! : six Newbery stars!

by Colley, Linda, author.

Publication Date: 2014


In a year that sees a Scottish referendum on independence, the author analyses some of the forces that have unified Britain in the past. She examines the mythology of Britishness, and how far and why it has faded. She discusses the Acts of Union with Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and their limitations, while scrutinizing England's own fractures.

cover of Acts of union and disunion : what has held the UK together - and what is dividing it?

by Balanis, Constantine A., 1938-

Publication Date: 2012


Balanis' new edition of Advanced Engineering and Electromagnetics features new content on the basics of Metamaterials including figures to demonstrate their properties. Several small sections have been added on Mie series scattering by a PEC sphere; wedge diffraction by a wedge with surface impedances; and curve surface diffraction. Throughout the book, there are more helpful examples, end-of-chapter problems, and references as well as lecture notes in PowerPoint format.

cover of Advanced engineering electromagnetics