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SPOT is a structured series of tutorials that support Research and Writing

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The Tutorials:

  1. Getting Started With Research Writing
  2. Finding & Evaluating Sources
  3. Drafting & Revising
  4. Proofreading & Editing
  5. Documenting & Citing
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Getting Started With Research Writing

Start off your research project on the right foot! This lesson will give you the tools to know how to understand your assignment, plan out your research, and get started.

Time to : 45 - 60 minutes

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Finding & Evaluating Sources

Learn to get high-quality, scholarly articles from discipline-specifics databases and the journals they search, critically evaluate them and use them with purpose.

Time to : 45 - 60 minutes

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Drafting & Revising

This self-paced module teaches you how to gather your research and present it in a clear and concise manner.

Time to : 45 - 60 minutes

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Proofreading & Editing

Finish and clean up your paper, creating a work that effectively communicates with your reader.

Time to : 45 - 60 minutes

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and Citing

Learn how to make citations to responsibly use the work of others, share your own work, and establish your academic integrity.

Time to : 45-60 minutes

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